Mirror of Madness

A dark tale of lust for money and power.

Control of the Midway is at stake. Driven by greed and the desire for power, the corporate bosses want to exert control over the circus midway.  Where is Hope?

The corporate team inspires irrational violence that leads to the foreclosure of the Midway. Everyone comes out a loser when this happens. Has our culture lost it’s grip on rational thought, or has emotion always ruled over reason? Are we basically irrational creatures?

Our fate is tied to the long terms success of the Midway. Don’t allow yourself to become simply a corporate prosthetic. Don’t be a pawn for corporate greed.  If these corporate bad boys knock off the top block, we all fall down.

We seem consumed by the hot trends and controversy that dominate the news broadcasts. CEOs are gutting companies for profit rather than planting the seeds for long term success.

In the tension between reason and irrationality, there is always hope.

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Madness #2 cover art
Solo Exhibition at Richland College
Madness in the Project Room, Plush Gallery