Dark Bible

Jackie and John

If you live in Dallas long enough you may find yourself drawn to the local obsession with the Kennedy assassination. When I started Jackie and John, I was lucky enough to have an enthusiastic conspiracy theorist as a friend. Ken Shaddock was a great source for a number of Kennedy related elements used in the video. These elements included transcripts of a death bed interview with Jack Ruby who was dying of rectum cancer, the audio track from an open police microphone from the Kennedy caravan, charts of the bullet trajectory, and the conspiracy story of the umbrella man. This short video, seen often from the view of young Caroline, places all the iconic participants in a graduation party filled with exuberant, idealistic youth from land of plenty

From the early sixties we recall Marilyn, Oswald, seen as a jealous geek, Oswald’s mother, and John Connelly. We see Ruby going after Oswald. Other familiar elements include references to the Warren report, the Red Scare and the older man who moves in on Jackie once John has gone.

How much can you alter something and and still have familiar meanings come through.

Wise Wedding

A discussion between a father and his two daughters at a wedding reception grows heated as it focuses on the ritual of weddings and the tradition of the ring.

Tragedy strikes when the newlyweds are killed by a drunk driver on their wedding day. The younger daughter experiences a hallucinogenic  sermon on the wedding night ritual that is never to happen.

Pagan Poets

A collaborative effort with late Dallas poet Joe Stanco featuring the story of the mythic naked goatman.

Zombie Christmas

Support for the arts and creative expression is the theme for Zombie Christmas.  A young couple flees the culture-less zombies. As options narrow for the last few culturally aware humans, the couple discovers that only music can stop the zombies by making them dance.

A Week of Kindness

Madness Zines Video

Dallas Irrational, 2015