Insurrection PDF, full issue

2008 ~ In this first Zine by Dwayne Carter, the conflict between self interest and collective good takes center stage in Blue Revolution and Red Insurrection.

Blue represents an almost militant dedication to sameness, order and equality for all. Everything becomes equal, everyone eats, subways run on time, but you sacrifice your individuality. Everyone wears the same suit. Blue resembles socialism almost to the point of a fascism. We may all have a good job, but we must act with a sameness for the betterment of all.



Red is an expression of complete free will and self interest. Our need to satisfy our animal urges for power, sex and wealth can create unexpected consequences including anarchy. Gas stations may burn, prices may go up, but you and your cronies benefit. Shortages and instability creates a sellers market. When the animal within is threatened, reason takes a fall.

Sometimes our personal desires can come into conflict with the need to work within our social compact. When faced with the choice, reason will generally fail and be replaced by our emotional needs. But we need rules and regulations to function as a society even when the rules feel stifling. In politics, Red versus Blue resulted in the Tea Party insurrection. Is there no middle ground?